Jul 28, 2008

GPS Insight

I’m from Indonesia, the country with the biggest rainforest. Deforestation is the serious problem in my country. Illegal logging is the main problem of deforestation. My government very serious to solve the forest problem. Only the credible investor with eco-friendly technology can invest their capital in Indonesia.

Forest industry needs a high quality fleet that requires technology to manage the logistics and planning from Forest to Sawmill or Port. GPS tracking or vehicles tracking is the solution. This technology provides real time visibility of vehicle/assets and driver locations on a detailed up-to-date Digital map.
Application of vehicle tracking not only for truck or big fleet. You can apply this technology for other transportation mode. In Indonesia, vehicle tracking applied in ship to manage logistic in water transportation.

What’s the benefit to apply vehicle tracking?

First, driver, vehicle, speed, geo boundary, customer and event details are available in the list view below the map display. The popup map window allows you to view details of any point in the trail without losing perspective of the overall activity. For example, GPS Insight uses satellites and AT&T/T-Mobile to provide you with highly accurate vehicle locations every 2 minutes throughout the US and Canada. It’s amazing!

Second, GPS tracking provide detail information about Fuel Consumption, Speed Violations, Vehicle Performance (Trouble Codes), Activity Detail, Odd Hours, Landmark Activity, Landmark Activity, and many others. A customer needs a large amount of historical data on fuel, and fortunately we have this data going back for one year for all our customers, and keep moving forward indefinitely. Within a few days, based on this request, we released the new GPS Insight "Fuel Consumption" report that uses real data from the vehicles' computer to determine actual fuel (gas or diesel) for consumption of all vehicles compatible (only about 95% of the track vehicles that are compatible with some old vehicles, and occasional exceptions).

The good news comes from Blog for GPS vehicle tracking. Now we can use GPS Insight to import and store/distribute your custom mapping overlays.
This is useful when we have better aerial photographs, site or subdivision plans, or custom maps to use with your GPS data. With this module, we can create an overlay in Google Earth by choosing “Add→Overlay”
Please look at picture below:

If GPS Insight vehicle tracking system is your favorite product, you will be gets the big benefit like these:

* Quick real-time updates and 2 minutes vehicle locations to help their dispatchers to know exactly which vehicles are approaching the new orders - no more than call the driver or who depend on them to facilitate their location and condition of travel.

* 90 days of history, allowing him to go back and make sure you have indisputable proof of service billing or where issues of service.

* Reports to identify wasteful and reckless speeding with 100% accuracy of the reading speed of the engine team.

* Start / end of the day and detailed reports, 2 minute updates, which can help identify fraudulent hours claimed by their drivers.

* Off-Hours/Weekend use the reports to help identify vehicles for personal use, jobs hand, and inappropriate use of the vehicle.

* Theft of recovery and real-time tracking to guide the police to robbers

* MPG, fuel consumption and downtime reports easily identify wasteful vehicles and driver behavior.

* Identify automated alerts to the condition of light and accurate engine fault codes, along with scheduled service reminders and a daily service.

* Emissions report will identify vehicles that require the service before leaving for testing, and help maintain its fleet operating clean.

* Identify and be alerted to brake hard and over-revving activity.

* 24x7 roadside assistance and theft recovery center is included.

Visit GPS Insight support wiki for customers to get details products

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