Jan 19, 2008

Microsoft Office 2007 Excel does not allow tables to be saved as .dbf format

For the set of file formats with the lowest usage, Microsoft Excel will be discontinuing support for opening and saving of these formats. For the second set that has some minimal usage, Microsoft Excel will support loading the files in Excel 2007 to allow you to save them in a newer format.

The following formats cannot be opened or saved in Excel 2007:

WK1 (1-2-3)
WK4 (1-2-3)
WJ3 (1-2-3 Japanese) (.wj3)
WKS (1-2-3)
WJ2 (1-2-3 Japanese) (.wj2)
WJ3, FJ3 (1-2-3 Japanese) (.wj3)
WQ1 (Quattro Pro/DOS)
Microsoft Excel Chart (.xlc)
WJ1 (1-2-3 Japanese) (.wj1)
WKS (Works Japanese) (.wks)
The following formats may be opened, but not saved to in Excel 2007:

Microsoft Excel 2.1 Worksheet
Microsoft Excel 2.1 Macro
Microsoft Excel 3.0 Worksheet
Microsoft Excel 3.0 Macro
Microsoft Excel 4.0 Worksheet
Microsoft Excel 4.0 Macro
Microsoft Excel 97- Excel 2003 & 5.0/95 Workbook
Microsoft Excel 4.0 Workbook

Solution fot Geographers:

Export an Excel table to .dbf format within ArcGIS.

In Excel 2007, save the table as, 'Excel 97-2003 Workbook' (.xls format).
Navigate to the .xls table location through ArcCatalog, and expand the file to view the worksheets.
Right-click on the worksheet representing the table. Select Export > To dBase (single).

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