Jun 22, 2008

Paid Blogging - The Easy Way Blog For Money

Still want to make money from blogging? Paid review (or a few person said paid blogging) is the answer. To many people (as I am), paid review like some kind of dream job. Just write a little article on my blog, my wallet become full of dollar. Imagine if you get only one job from paid review broker in one day, and advertise give you US 10 for your article, so your wallet will increase US$ 300/month. This sounds like angle’s singing?
In fact you can submit one blog for many paid review broker. So, not only US$ 300/month, but maybe your blog will become money machine for you and give you US$ 400 or US$ 900/month.
One of my favorite paid review broker is snapbomb. It’s easy to sign up in this program. As an advertiser, paid review make your advertising activities get new way, its called blog marketing. This program makes your products or services will buzz in minutes.
As a blogger like me, snapbomb give more opportunities. I can submit all of my blogs and Snapbomb calculates value of my blogs by taking data from a handful of resources including sources for your blog traffic, readership, popularity, and our own internal data. It’s fair for me. Only qualified blogs for qualified jobs!

original post by anang, yb